Director Maxim Kolyshev
Russia, Moscow

We open on the flying letters that combines into the sentence:
We taught things to speak, because children are silent about this.
Bubble with sentence flies away and we see Konstantin Khabensky in the audio studio during recording session.  
I am fond of keeping different things – trousers, blouses, T-shirts. But most of all I like to keep secrets.
That is why Artyom often comes here and sits inside me for several hours
We don’t need to talk to understand each other, we’ve learned to do it in complete silence. 
He climbs into my farthest corner and covers himself with his jacket. 
It’s the only way he feels safe.
When suddenly the wardrobe’s door gets open, it feels like life stops abruptly for some seconds. Artyom holds his breath for a moment to avoid giving himself away, and there seconds seem to last forever.
No, it is not playing hide-and-seek. He tries to hide away from his father who has come home from work.
Artyom doesn’t understand if it makes him happy or sad.
Protect children from violence
Сhild safety is everybody's business

During the audio session we show different shots of wardrobe 

Nomination: Commercial social advertising