Street voices

Director Andrey Danskov
Russia, Saint Petersburg

St.Petersburg is for many an indifferent merciless city, where a face in a poster on a wet wall is the only person to talk to in the hope of getting a bit of sympathy. Together with the musicians, who took part in our campaign free of charge, and the campaign creators, we are trying to deliver a very important message to as many people as possible: homelessness is not a matter of personal choice. The streets are a cruel place where people find themselves as a result of a great misfortune, and often more than one.

In Nochlezhka's video four musicians, Ivan Alexeev (Noize MC), Anastasia Ivanova (Grechka), Boris Grebenschikov and Kirill Ivanov (the lead singer of SBPCH), say that the street deprives homeless people of their name and hope, whereas finding a way out without any help is virtually impossible. It is all the more important to provide assistance to anyone in trouble. 

Nomination: Commercial social advertising